Emirates 2022

EPG and EPA hosted Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition


UAE Wins Gold Medal in Lugano, Switzerland

Sharjah 2023 Stamp Exhibition

EPA & Sharjah Mega Mall will hold a Stamp Exhibition to promote every aspect of philately in the region


EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2020

UAE Wins Large Gold in Singapore

EPA participated in Singapore 2019 Exhibition

UAE Wins Medals in Wuhan, China

EPA participated in CHINA 2019 World Stamp Exhibition held in Wuhan, China

UAE Wins 5 Gold Medals in Bangkok



EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2019

UAE Wins Gold Medal in Macao

EPA participated in the Macao 2018 Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Chapter 8

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Chapter VIII

General Rules

Article 54

The Board of Directors shall have the right to interpret this constitution and retain it without violating the Federal law No.6 I 1974 regarding regulations of the Association and its Amendments.

Article 55

The Association cannot affiliate, engage or participate in any authority or society outside the country unless it has a written permission of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs. Participating in a conference or meeting outside the country shall also have to be approved by the Ministry.

Article 56

Members of the Board of Directors shall be liable for the board works according to regulations of this Constitution

Article 57

The Association shall not engage in politics or religious matters and it shall be bound by all laws and rules applicable in the U.A.E. and follow directives issued by Ministry of labour and Social Affairs from time to time.

Article 58

No changes or modifications to this Constitution are permitted unless two Gregorian years have elapsed after approval by the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs.

Article 59

This Constitution shall come into force from the date of formation of the Association.