Sharjah 2023 Prospectus

The Emirates Philatelic Association and Mega Mall will hold the “Sharjah 2023 Stamp Exhibition” to promote every aspect of philately in the region.

Venue: Mega Mall, Sharjah
Dates: 14- 18 November 2023

Address for further information
Commissioner General
Adel Abdulhamid AlKhoori
Mobile: +971 50 6526226
Email: /

It is a National & Regional Stamp Exhibition organized by the Emirates Philatelic Association and Mega Mall Sharjah to promote every aspect of philately in the region.

These regulations are based on the GREX and the individual regulations for Sharjah 2023 (IREX).

Condition of Participation
Participation in the Competitive Classes is open to all exhibitors who are members of the societies invited by the Organizing Committee.

Classification of Exhibits
The Exhibition will cover Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Thematic, Youth, One Frame, Picture Postcard, and Literature classes.

Application from the Federations are to be made on the official entry form (or a photocopy) along with the title page of the exhibit and forwarded to the organizing committee address:

P. O. Box 33333
United Arab Emirates
Mobile: +971 50 6526226

The display frames will have a capacity for 16 (4×4) standard size sheets of 23 x 29 cm. Sheets larger than 23cm x 29cm as well as black or dark colored sheets will not be accepted.

Entry Fee
The participation fee will be AED 75.00 per frame and the fee for Literature is AED 75.00 per exhibit.

Handling of Exhibits
Exhibits delivered by Commissioners must reach the Organizing Committee by 13 November 2023.

  • Exhibits (other than Literature) arriving by mail must reach the Organizing Committee by 12 November 2023.
  • Exhibits of Literature must reach the Organizing Committee by 13 November 2023. The exhibits will not be returned, as these will be donated to the Organizing Committee at the end of the Exhibition.
  • Exhibits arriving later than the date stipulated above will not be judged.
  • Each exhibit sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover. 
  • The sheets shall be numbered on each page.
  • Exhibits will be returned after the closing of the show on 18 November 2023.

Judgment and Awards
Members of the Juries will be appointed by the Organizing Committee. The decisions of the Juries are final and cannot be contested. Jury members, consultants to the Jury, and apprentice jurors may not participate in the competitive classes. Judging will be carried out in accordance with the FIP General Regulation for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits, and the FIP Special Regulation for each class.

For Competitive Classes, the awards are as follows:

1)        Large Gold medals
2)        Gold medals
3)        Large Vermeil medals
4)        Vermeil medals
5)        Large Silver medals
6)        Silver medals
7)        Silver Bronze medals
8)        Bronze medals
9)        Certificate of Participation

There are two Grand Prizes for the Exhibition:

  • Best Exhibit GCC
  • Best Exhibit International

Security Measures
The Organizing Committee will take reasonable precautions to ensure that adequate security is provided to protect the exhibits during the Exhibition period. However, the Organizers shall not bear any liability for loss or damage that might occur during the transportation, mounting, or dismounting during the exhibition and return of the exhibits.

Every exhibitor shall insure the exhibits at his or her own expense.

Rights of the Organizing Committee
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in the IREX.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to decide on any questions not covered by the FIAP and FIP Regulations or by the IREX, and its decisions shall be final.

Acceptance of IREX for Sharjah 2023
By signing the Exhibit Application Form, the exhibitor is bound by these special regulations for the Sharjah 2023 Stamp Exhibition.