Emirates 2022

EPG and EPA hosted Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition


UAE Wins Gold Medal in Lugano, Switzerland

Sharjah 2023 Stamp Exhibition

EPA & Sharjah Mega Mall will hold a Stamp Exhibition to promote every aspect of philately in the region


EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2020

UAE Wins Large Gold in Singapore

EPA participated in Singapore 2019 Exhibition

UAE Wins Medals in Wuhan, China

EPA participated in CHINA 2019 World Stamp Exhibition held in Wuhan, China

UAE Wins 5 Gold Medals in Bangkok



EPA with co-operation of Dragon Mart 2 hold Stamp Exhibition EPAEX 2019

UAE Wins Gold Medal in Macao

EPA participated in the Macao 2018 Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Chapter 5

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Chapter V



The Association Finances


Article 38


The financial year of the Association shall begin on the 1st of January and close on the 31st December except in the year of inception when it shall begin on the date of establishment upto the 31st December.

Article 39


The finances of the Association shall comprise of:

  • Membership fees: Fees of active and associate member shall be AED 100- per annum.
  • Income from parties and other activities.
  • Donations approved by the Board of Directors and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • Government Aid.
  • Other revenues as approved by the Board of Directors. 

Article 40


Funds of the Association shall be deposited under its name in a local bank. Any withdrawals from the bank shall be signed for, by the President or his Deputy along with the Treasurer. 

Article 41


The Association is not allowed to spend money for any purposes other than those authorized by the Constitution.

Article 42

The funds of the Association shall be its property and deposited under its registered name.

Article 43

The property of the Association shall not be sold, pledged, assigned or exchanged unless approved by the Board of Directors.

Article 44

Every member in the Board of Directors shall be answerable to the Association, for any wrong doing whether financial or legal. 

Article 45


The Board of Directors shall submit the Annual Account duly audited by the auditors appointed by the General Assembly during the 1st quarter of every year. 

Article 46


The Board of Directors shall submit a copy of the Annual Accounts and the budget proposal for the subsequent year to the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs duly approved by the General Assembly within one month of its being approved. 

Article 47


The Association shall keep all Books of Account, Inventories documents and any financial records pertaining to the Association at the premises allotted to the Association. 

Article 48


Funds of the Association shall be considered public property and audited by the Government Federal Department concerned. 

Article 49


The members of the Board of Directors are allowed to review Account Books and financial files of Association in presence of the Treasurer.

Article 50

The Association is not permitted to collect funds from the public, or to donate cash or in kind to any establishment, authority or individual outside the country. This is possible only by prior authorization of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs.